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Easter Laboratory Service Lab Results

Approximately 75 labs in five countries have recognized ELS as the supplier-of-choice for high quality component and somatic cell calibration standards.

ELS collects milk from 24 different producers’ bulk tanks on a weekly basis and manufactures milk standard samples that are used to calibrate component and somatic cell analyzers.

These calibration standards are marketed in Canada, Italy, Korea, ad Puerto Rico, as well as across the United States.  ELS serves a wide range of labs including FDA, Federal Milk Marketing Administrator labs, DHIA and dairy plant labs.

ELS has an international reputation and our calibration standards business increases every year.  If you are interested in receiving a quote or placing an order for standards, please login and fill out an online order form.

Component standards * Electronic Somatic Cell Count (ESCC) standards * Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) standards * Cream standards * Skim standards * Bacteria standards


Lab Technician Alex Kish performs ether extraction fat analysis, the standard method by which fat is chemically extracted from the milk.  This allows for creation of a standard by which instruments can be calibrated.  ELS provides standard for customers in 5 countries.  Over 60% of the US milk supply is tested on machines calibrated with standards from Eastern Lab Services.

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